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Songwriting and Composition

"Music is well said to be the speech of angels." —Thomas Carlyle

I have been composing since I was a teenager. A variety of musical styles have influenced my songwriting, but I am particularly drawn to popular ballads, blues, gospel and songs that deliver stories and messages of beauty, love, purpose and emotion. I write instrumental music as well as songs with lyrics.

Music for Film

People have told me that my music touches their hearts and souls, conjuring up visual images, and making them think. So, if you are someone who is planning to make a movie, give me a call. I would love to write the theme song for you, one that would not only fit the story and mood but the sentiment and meaning as well. Or perhaps you need an orchestrated score for the background.

Musical Portraits

I also do musical portraits for individuals. This is done by gently guiding you step-by-step through some simple questions that help to determine your feelings, message and individual sound preferences. A variety of formats may be utilized, but they all have a similar objective: a subtle state of heightened awareness, intuition, communication and connection. In essence, I become your instrument, your voice. The result is that I actually play the music that you hear within your being, or put to music what you feel and think.

Many find this process to be very relaxing, revealing and therapeutic.

You will be given a recording of the session to take home with you. Listen to it anytime you need to be reminded of your very essence. It can also serve as an innovative and thoughtful gift for a loved one, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's day or whenever you want to show you care.

Original Songs

Are you a recording artist in search of a song? Got a movie, but need a song? Or, I could perform an original song at your wedding, or write one specifically for you as a dedication to the handsome groom or to your lovely bride.

Here's a list of a few original song titles to choose from:

  • Can't Stop Loving You
  • Homeless Heart
  • In My Dreams
  • Love Is Forever
  • No One to Take the Place of You
  • Open Your Heart
  • That's Not the Way
  • Words Unspoken

Songwriting Collaboration or Assistance

Do you have lyrics, but need a melody? Chord changes and melody, but no lyrics? Do you want to co-write with someone to add a different flavor to your usual style?

Maybe you want to learn how to write better lyrics. Perhaps you're looking for some expert advice and ideas on how to make your song more effective or commercial. Whatever your need, I'm here to help.


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