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Salsa Dance Instruction

If you've been salsa dancing for awhile and are looking for some new moves, or want to improve your style and technique, give me a call. If you're just beginning and don't know where to start, I can help. And if you've never done it, what are you waiting for? Salsa dancing affords you the opportunity to enjoy good music, good exercise, a safe social environment with good people, and it's just a heck of a lot of fun. So, get out there and enjoy yourself. You'll love it!

Private Instruction

  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Small group classes
  • Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue and other styles
  • Beginning to advanced

Skills Covered

  • Frame and posture
  • Basic step and variations
  • Technique of step and of movement
  • Connection with partner — eye contact, finger contact, mental and emotional
  • Turns and cross-body leads
  • Moves and combinations
  • Dips and other cool ctuff
  • Leading vs. following
  • Timing
  • Balance, torque and body ergonomics
  • Salsa music — clave pattern, rhythms, etc.
  • Styles, shines and styling
  • Demeanor and etiquette
  • Personal presentation and attire
  • About other classes, instructors, dance clubs, etc.



I've been a music instructor for 30 years. And right up there with music is my love of dancing. Maybe it's because they go so well together. So, when I teach salsa dance, I'm in heaven, because I get the best of all three worlds: music, dance and teaching. And, I get to meet a lot of great people, as well.

My initiation into salsa dancing came in the late 1980's. I was performing keyboards in Monterey, California, with Orquesta Gitano, a 12-piece salsa band. As much as I enjoyed playing salsa music, I felt this strong urge to get out on the dance floor with everyone else.

Learning the dance came easy to me, perhaps because I knew the music so well, had a few years of experience in ballroom dance styles, and was a dance accompanist for over ten years — ballet, jazz, modern, Israeli folk, African, samba and Middle Eastern. Or maybe, I just really enjoy it. Without a doubt, salsa dancing is my favorite dance form.

I have studied with over two dozen instructors, including:

  • Dedelle Barbanti (Yemaya)
  • Roberta Garcia (Yemaya)
  • Alex da Silva
  • Michelle Castro
  • Ricardo Sanchez
  • Angel Figueroa


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